21st - 24th 

June 2024

 I 🧡 MiC Ro

Cuddly connections, dreamy dances, and magical memories.

Manchester Micro Fusion Experience (MMFX) is a not-for-profit with the core aim of bringing together Micro Fusion dancers from around the world without cost being the limiting factor.

This is a pay-what-you-can event, supporting those on low income to attend for FREE (Pricing TBA)

The weekend will feature;

- Six micro/connection inspired workshops,

- Evening parties in three unique city centre locations,

- Many opportunities for connection throughout the weekend.

Event Fundamentals

The fundamentals behind this event are;

1. Those identifying as low income will receive FREE entry. This includes those living in Non-UK countries that cannot afford to cover the cost of both economy transport/accomodation and ticket.

2. The ticket price covers the unavoidable venue/teacher/DJ costs, and crucially also supports the attendance for those on lower incomes based on the assumed distribution of amounts received. (MMFX is a not-for-profit project).

3. This event uses and fully supports the safer spaces Code of Conduct adapted and expanded on from the Sundown blues code of conduct and the example anti harassment policy from the Geek Feminism wiki. (See 'Code of Conduct' page). We take a zero tolerance policy on harassment of any form. Individuals violating these rules will likely be expelled from the venue at the discretion of the organiser and safer spaces representatives. Likewise, individuals known to have violated previously and still deemed a risk will not be allowed to attend.