Frequently Asked Questions

What's new for 2024?

We're always looking to improve/keep things fresh, so the new/changed things are;

What is Micro Fusion Dancing?

To quote EMF's definition, Micro dancing is a form of dancing adjacent to fusion dancing. It is about making very small movements and enjoying the subtle and dreamy sensations. It is creating a delightful connection with your partner. It is about responding fully to the music.

Micro dancing is typically done in close embrace (a hug-like position).

Can I help?

Yes! If you'd like to be an Early Evening DJ, or volunteer for the front desk/registration, care team, body art team, set-up or clear down team, etc then please advise this in the 'Volunteer' section of the registration form. A Google sheet will be shared with those wanting to volunteer to allow easy sign up and to choose which option/dates/times you'd like. Thank you!

When is Registration?

23rd March 2024 @12noon UK Time

There will be 115 tickets available in total. 

​Payment will be required within 7 days of receiving an MMFX 'Registration Success' email. 

If there is a reason you will be unable to pay within 7 days, please let us know at mancmfx@gmail.com

If a reason for delay is not advised, and payment is not received within 7 days your registration will be rejected, and your place given to the next person on the list/waitlist.

What does MCR stand for?

MCR is the abbreviation commonly used on signs/t-shirts for ManChesteR

Can I bring my small child?

Well behaved small children are welcome in most of the venues (see Venues for restrictions). 

Parents or Named Guardians must supervise small children at all times, and take full responsibility for their health, safety, and wellbeing. 

If the child becomes disruptive, or exhibits aggressive behaviour towards other attendees and a Parent or Named Guardian does not have a successful intervention, they will be expected to take the child out of the room until resolved, otherwise you will be asked to leave. 

Whilst we appreciate the range of parenting styles, to avoid any 'accidents' it is expected that children who are not fully toilet trained should be wearing nappies/diapers/training-pants whilst in the venues.

How do I contact MMFX?

Please email mancmfx@gmail.com

What transport is available?

Manchester is a very well connected city, having direct transport links with cities across the UK and the World. 

The city is fully covered by Google Maps (trains, trams, buses and taxis can all be found on there).

All venues on the 'Venues' page have links to Google maps enabling easy route planning of all road, train and bus services.

If you would rather not use Google maps, the best alternate website to plan you journey via public travel is;


If you already know the area, links to bus timetables, last tram departures, etc can be found at;


Details of the night/late buses can be found at;


Where should I stay?

All evening venues are in Manchester town centre. Daytime workshops are South of Manchester. As such MMFX recommends accommodation to the South, or centre, of Manchester close to a main road with public transport options.

Manchester has Uber, trams, buses and trains from the airport so plenty of public transport options available.

Within walking distance, Central (within the A57(M) ring road) and South-Central Manchester (Castlefield and Hulme) are nice parts of town to stay in. If you want to stay further out of town and drive/taxi/public transport, recommended areas include Chorlton and Didsbury.

The 'MMFX 2024 Accommodation and Travel' shared Google sheet will be shared with all successful applicants to assist finding accommodation to discuss/arrange/share Air BnB and hosting options.

Where should I eat?

MMFX is not organising any meals, but here's a list of suggestions where to eat.

Manchester Centre

Some of the well known café/restaurant areas in Manchester are (along with price guide £)

Special mention to www.mackiemayor.co.uk a brick-walled food hall with vendors offering steaks, pizza & sandwiches, with communal dining tables.

Dietary Requirements

Manchester Centre has many restaurants with Vegan options. Examples of local favourites are;


Stretford Mall is very close to Stretford Public Hall and the Food Hall offers a range of places to eat with vegan options available, and has a lovely atmosphere too.

Manchester is also home to the famous Curry Mile (approximately 1 mile of curry houses/restaurants, all catering for Halal)

Where can I buy food to cook at my Air BnB?

The main supermarkets on the UK are (Lowest price £ to Highest price £££)

Where should I park my car/van?

All evening venues are in Manchester town centre. Manchester centre offers free on street parking after 8pm in designated parking bays. There are usually spaces along Deansgate road (A56), or side roads off Deansgate (St John Street, Liverpool Street). There are also several Private car parks (NCP) though these rates vary so check before travelling.

The Saturday and Sunday daytime venue has free onsite parking (off Dorset Street).

What should I wear?

Due to the close embrace (hug-like) connection largely used in Micro, MMFX suggests avoiding clothing with large buttons, belts with large buckles, brooches, beading, or anything else that could cause discomfort when connecting with a partner. 

It was HOT in June last year, so please consider loose/thin items, per the weather forecast

It is a relaxed dance, so flat shoes and comfortable clothing are recommended. MMFX is a clothed event - nipples and genitals to remain covered.

General UK venue rules

For those not familiar with the UK customs, here's a quick list of general UK rules for public buildings (supermarkets, bars, restaurants, daytime/evening indoor venues).

What else can I do in Manchester?

There's plenty to see and do around Manchester if you'd like to extend your stay with us. Plus it's always nice to stay an extra day and spend time with those you've connected with over the weekend. 

Manchester's Tourist Information Centre is located on St Peters Square (near the tram stop).

Local Tourist attractions include;

Other places of note:

Beyond Manchester;

How can I offset the carbon used to get here?

Planes, trains and cars all create carbon emissions. If you would like to understand the impact of your travel and offset this amount via a scheme of your choice, please use a website such as https://www.myclimate.org/

A plane like a Boeing 747 uses approximately 1 gallon of fuel (about 4 litres) every second. Over the course of a 10-hour flight, it might burn 36,000 gallons (150,000 litres equivalent to 120 tonnes of fuel). According to Boeing's Web site, the 747 burns approximately 5 gallons of fuel per mile (12 litres per kilometre).

Will there be any competitions / birthday circles / performances / 'jam circles'?

Absolutely not, MMFX is about you experiencing as many personal connections with as many wonderful people as possible on a dreamy journey via the music and workshops throughout the whole weekend.

The decision was made right at the start of the project that competitions/displays are not part of the ethos or vibe behind MMFX.

How do I get help at the venues?

If you have any issues, queries or concerns, please speak with the volunteer on the front desk or a member of the Care Team.

Do I really have to read the Code of Conduct?

Yes, in order to register for MMFX you must confirm you have read, understood and agree to the Code of Conduct. MMFX appreciates the time taken to read the lengthy Code of Conduct but it really is there for everyone's safety. Thank you.

If I can no longer attend, can I get a refund?

If after paying you realise you are unable to attend, please contact mancmfx@gmail.com for a refund. If there are sufficient people on the wait list who want to take your place the refund will be granted*. 

Please note that the closer to the event the refund is requested, the lower likelihood it is that a waitlist person will be able to arrange transport/accommodation in time, therefore the refund may not be possible.

*If you paid in a currency other than GBP and request a refund, the refund will be the donation amount minus any currency conversion fees incurred by MMFX.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

To keep the event as safe as possible, MMFX needs to know everyone who is coming. As such, MMFX does not allow private transfers of tickets between attendees, these must all go via MMFX. 

How will MMFX keep me up to date with details/changes over the weekend?

We'll use Discord as our primary communication tool. This should be referred to throughout the weekend for any updates/announcements for any timings/locations/workshops/venues, etc.  as we may not have capacity to update the website/Facebook page.

A week prior to the event, a PDF will also be shared with registered attendees as an alternate for those without Discord access (but this will not be managed/republished during the weekend).