Code of Conduct
(updated 2024)


COVID Testing: You don't currently need a COVID rapid test to enter venues in UK. If the government makes any changes, we'll follow them.

Sickness: If you're sick and can spread your illness, please don't come to the event. If you can't make it because you're unwell, let the organizer know. We'll try to give you a refund if we can.

Safer Spaces

Dance Roles: Dance roles (leading and following) aren't based on gender. You can choose the role you prefer, just communicate with your partner to avoid assumptions.

Consent: Don't feel like you have to do anything you're uncomfortable with. No means no. Give enthusiastic consent when you want to do something. 

Inclusivity: We're committed to a safe and respectful dance environment. It doesn't matter your dance skills, background, gender, identity, orientation, or any other trait.

Zero Tolerance: We have no tolerance for harassment. Those who break these rules may be asked to leave by the organizers. Violations might be shared with other event organizers to ensure safety.

Types of Harassment: Harassment includes comments that reinforce power dynamics, inappropriate images, intimidation, stalking, unwanted or excessive photography, touching, and unwelcome advances.

Taking Action: If you experience or witness harassment, let the Safer Spaces Team or Event Organizers know. They'll help. You can also ask the front desk for assistance.

Remember, we're here to dance, have fun, and treat each other with respect. Let's make this event enjoyable for everyone.

What you can expect if you approach the Safer Spaces team or Event Organiser:

A private talk with a team member who will make an anonymised note of what happened, then discuss what to do next.

Safety for everyone is really important. Depending on what happened, we may ask the person to take a 'cooling off' break from the event, or excluded them.

If you tell us about a problem, we'll share it with the MMFX organiser, if a serious risk is posed, we'll call the police.

To keep the wider dance scene safe, we may tell other organizers of the anonymised issue.


MMFX is a dance festival. Choosing to have romantic encounters at festivals is a personal decision and must have full informed consent from all parties involved. MMFX encourages respectful, open, honest talks about intentions, consent/boundaries, relevant history, and meaning. 

Social capital is based on how we see others in our community and the relationships people have with each other. 

Abusing social capital, like using relationships for personal/temporary gain, harms the trust that holds our community together. Respect social capital by promoting positive interactions and contributing to a supportive environment, particularly if you are in a position of enhanced social capital (i.e. well known people across the general Fusion dance scene - Organisers, Teachers, DJs, Experienced dancers, etc).


You are welcome to take photos to capture memories on the social dance floor and social time between classes*, however please do not use flash photography.

Please respect people's boundaries and personal space. If there is any doubt, please ensure prior enthusiastic consent has being given, particularly if you don't know the people or they are unaware of you taking photos. Also please do not photograph the teachers/classes without prior consent.
*Those that really don't want to appear in any photographs even in the background must make any photographers aware of this.


We're happy to have well-behaved children at most of our venues (check Venues for rules). Parents or guardians must always watch over their kids and make sure they're safe and well. If a child becomes aggressive/disruptive and the parent/guardian can't calm them down, we kindly ask that they step out until things are better. If not, then you and child will be asked to leave.

To avoid any 'accidents', please have diapers or training pants on kids who aren't fully toilet trained. We understand different parenting styles, but safety of the group comes first.

Physical Risk

We want to keep everyone safe during physical activities. You should avoid doing any movement that feels risky or might hurt you because of a previous condition. You're responsible for what you do and its results.

Unsafe dancing means doing moves that could hurt someone. This includes pulling your partner forcefully, making sudden moves that could hurt shoulders, arms, or back, leaning over your partner in a way that could hurt your back, sharing weight suddenly in a way that could make you fall, or lifting your partner high. If your moves put anyone in danger, the organizers might ask you to stop. If you're not sure what's unsafe, ask the organizer or an instructor.

We appreciate your assistance in keeping MMFX as safe as possible for everyone.

This code of conduct is based on the concepts from Sundown blues code of conduct and the example anti harassment policy from the Geek Feminism wiki (but has been rewritten, condensed, and adapted).