Ticket Pricing

Availability and Options

60 Full Pass tickets - Standard donation: £85

55 Social Pass tickets - Standard donation: £40+

But please pay-what-you-can (see below)

​The core principle of MMFX is to connect Micro Fusion dancers from across the globe, without cost being the limiting factor. 

To allow us to do this, we are very much a 'pay-what-you-can' event and support the attendance for those on lower incomes by matching those to higher donations from those more financially fortunate.

The Full Pass has been set at a suggested donation level that, based on the expected distribution of amounts received, will allow us to recover the costs of venue, PA system hire, DJs, teachers, etc. The more people that donate closer to the suggested amount, the more this will enable those on lower incomes to attend, and allow us to pay our artists a fair amount.

To help the event run smoothly, we also really appreciate any volunteering you are all able to contribute as part of your donation amount.

Full Pass

The following are the suggested donation amounts for Full Passes. The Full Pass grants you access to all the daytime workshops on Saturday and Sunday, the evening parties from Friday to Sunday, and the social day in Manchester on Monday.

Medium Income: £85

For those with sufficient funds to cover travel costs, event costs, and a contribution supporting those on low income to attend.

Small Income: £65

​For those on small income, who are just able to cover the cost of travel and basic donation to event costs. (This option does not provide a contribution to those on low income).

Low Income: £0+

​For those on low income that would otherwise find it financially impossible to attend.

Social Pass

Social Passes have a standard suggested donation of £40+ 

The Social Pass grants you access to all the evening parties from Friday to Sunday, and the social day in Manchester. (The Social Pass does not grant you access to any of the daytime classes on Saturday or Sunday).


At registration, please enter in £GBP the amount you feel comfortable donating.

If you are successfully accepted, you will receive an email containing bank details / IBAN to transfer the money to.

For those whose local currency is not £GBP, MMFX strongly recommends using a currency transfer service (such as wise.com) to minimise the currency conversion fees charged.  Currency transfer services can be up to 6 times cheaper than using a bank and tend not to have a minimum transfer fee, thereby saving you a lot of money.


If after paying you realise you are unable to attend, please contact mancmfx@gmail.com for a refund. 

If there are sufficient people on the wait list to take your place the refund* will be granted. 

In order to maximise attendee safety, MMFX needs to know everyone that's coming, as such MMFX does not allow private transfers of tickets, these must all go via MMFX.

*If you request a refund in a currency other than £GBP, the refund will be the amount less any currency conversion fees incurred by MMFX.